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Company History


With the establishment of the Nitra Drugstore in the early 1960s, Joesoef B.S. and his son, Doctor Eddy Joesoef, decided not only to take part in the pharmaceutical business, but also to manufacture medicines. This dream was realized in 1980, when Doctor Joesoef, who is also a dermatologist, along with other family members, established PT Yupharin Pharmaceutical. However, due to the limited capital investment during those days, the company was still run as home industry.

After the period of 10 years, in 1990 the company conducted huge restructuration its operation and management. A year later after Doctor Eddy Joesoef reached his retirement time and his son, Juzardi Joesoef took over the company’s leadership.

By implementing a focused and strategic planning, the management was able to multiply the company’s profits of four times higher within one and a half years, which was an impressive achievement of his leadership. Since then, the management has successfully maintained the business growth on average 32% yearly.

As an Indonesian pharmaceutical company, we are motivated to develop our pharmaceutical company to be a more modern and competitive, in order to be on the same level as other leading pharmaceutical companies; therefore, in 2004 the management decided to change the company’s name into PT. Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories.

To accommodate a growing market demand for the quality and quantity, PT. Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories has improved its facilities for the purpose of increasing both the production and sales. The main key is to build a strong team in the company, to become trusted and reliable by customers and partners to share successes in the future together.

It has been a 34-year meaningful pleasant trip for PT. Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories, but our journey not stop here. In the future, PT Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories intends to always response to any challenges and grasp any opportunity for the overall success of all employees, customers and partners of PT. Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories.